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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be referred by my Primary Care Doctor to see a Vascular Surgeon?

No, not always, but the purpose of the primary doctor is to evaluate your symptoms first, and then refer you to see a Vascular Specialist if they feel that your condition is to be evaluated further.

What is the difference between veins & arteries?

Arteries will bring the blood flow to away from the heart. Veins take the blood flow back to the heart.

How do I choose a vein doctor?

Many medical specialists provide vein treatment. The benefits of seeking treatment from a board certified surgeon and phlebologist are as follows:

  • Practice fully devoted to vein treatments
  • Highly trained in prevention of infection and blood clots, patient safety
  • Larger numbers of treatments done
  • Ongoing continuing education in the field of vein therapy

What options does your office have for the treatment of spider and varicose veins?

We have several treatment options. For spider veins, we use sclerotherapy or foam sclerotherapy. For the larger veins (varicose) we may use ELVT-laser vein treatment. The treatment options are explained to you at your consultation with the doctor.

Are treatments expensive?

Vein treatments can be inexpensive, symptomatic varicose veins are usually covered by most insurance carriers based on medical necessity. Our office will assist you in verifying your benefits, which can be provided for you at your initial consultation.

How long does it take to recover from leg vein treatments and when should I have them done?

Recovery is very minimal, healthy patients who undergo vein treatment can return to normal activity immediately, with the exception of aerobic exercise. We recommend waiting at least 5-7 days before returning to your exercise routine. Compression stockings are also worn after treatment. We think that it is best to have a plan for vein treatment, there usually are multiple sessions required depending on your condition. There is bruising or skin discoloration following treatment which may require 2-4 weeks to clear after the last visit.


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